Enjoy Your Yes – Setting the Tone for a Joy-Filled Engagement

tips for planning a wedding

You said Yes!


Although it may sound a bit dramatic to say, the truth is that your next steps will set the tone for this season of your life. The next few months will be some of your most memorable, not to mention some of your most exciting. Here are some ideas that will help you stay focused on what is important and to help you create moments that you will cherish.

What to Do After You Get Engaged


As soon as you say YES, hit pause. Live fully in that moment. Pay full attention to everything around you. What do you smell, hear, and feel? Before you get distracted taking photos, get caught up in sharing the moment with the person you just agreed to spend your life with. Take everything in because this is a memory that you are going to be talking about for the rest of your life. Make the most of it! 


Refrain from posting on social media until your parents and close loved ones get to hear from you personally! If you have to keep it a secret for a short time, do it! How fun to have such a big secret with your favorite person in the world, right? 

It is always best to tell your parents in person but if that is not possible, consider a video chat or a phone call. Texting your news is considered poor manners. 


The moment you’ve been waiting for – post that bling on social media and watch the congratulations roll in! People tend to come out of the woodwork for big occasions like engagements so this is a fun time to “introduce” your betrothed to your distant friends and family. 


Truth be told, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of your ring and you are going to want to show everyone. It will never look better or shine brighter. Even if you aren’t a manicure type of person, this is a great time to have your hands looking their best. You’ll be taking pictures and showing off your ring often. Pretty hands will just enhance your beautiful bling. 


It was all fun and games until the “B” word, right? Look at it this way, if your early engagement can handle a deep and important money talk, you should be likely to weather any storm, right? 

It is sometimes fun for you to separately make a list of your “must-haves” and discuss and compare them. You can make a game of it. But in the end, you both need to agree on it. Be sure to plan extra for incidentals because there absolutely will be incidentals. 

Laying a good foundation in the first few days of your engagement does not ensure that your entire life will be pure bliss. Learning to communicate, negotiate, and compromise will sure help you tackle issues in the future. 

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