Cook Up a Team-Building Experience That is Rewarding and Valuable

culinary team building vermont

The team that cooks together, stays together. At least that’s how the saying could go if you choose one or more of our culinary team-building experiences. Whether you are looking to plan a rejuvenating break between seminars or to reward a job well done, the cheering, collaboration, and laughter are sure to strengthen your team’s bond. 

Culinary Team Building in Vermont

All teams face difficulties and challenges. Team building exercises are created specifically to give crews the tools they need to tackle tricky tasks with confidence and cohesiveness. Our culinary team building experiences are fun, engaging, and creative. Your team will learn to rely on each other’s strengths while working through difficulties while having laid-back fun. The rewards go way beyond the take-home apron and bragging rights. Your crew will walk away with a renewed connection that cannot be taught in a meeting. 

culinary team building vermont


Build out your team’s strengths by using their determination and creativity to their advantage in one of our Iron Chef challenges. Gleaning wisdom from one or more of our acclaimed chefs, teams will face challenges and problem-solve while creating a mouth-watering team dish. They will be asked to name their creation and write a menu description, create a dish from scratch, and present it to the judges where it will be assessed on taste, creativity, and presentation. To add to the test, they will be faced with real-life issues like changes in leadership and product shortages, forcing them to problem solve quickly and efficiently. 

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If you want to add further challenge to our Iron Chef experiences choose one of our deep challenge courses. The Mystery Basket Challenge adds to their dilemma by giving them a mystery basket of key ingredients to choose from. These ingredients often have less-than-obvious uses that require ingenuity. Similar to Family Feud, our Stationed Iron Chef Challenge pits teams against each other in a round-robin of culinary stations. This test is a fun one to put departments together and have them challenge each other or even leadership. 

culinary team building vermont


This academy is a win-win-win by strengthening your team, building collaboration with each other, and giving back to the community. More of a workshop, members learn to make a new dish or two which is later donated to a charity like the Ronald McDonald House, the local youth center and Meals on Wheels. 


Although our private cooking classes are non-competitive, they have immense value by boosting morale and creating memories, as well as learning a new skill. Participants work together to create a three-course-meal that is then served around a communal table and enjoyed together. Everyone wins with this workshop. It is just engaging enough to give everyone a sense of accomplishment but laid back enough that they will be refreshed and rejuvenated when it’s over.

No matter which activity(ies) you choose for your team, one thing is sure, your business will be strengthened through the team’s collaboration. To learn more about how we can help you create the most beneficial culinary experience for your team, give us a call. Our team is eager to put together a program for your staff that will exceed your expectations. Then, you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor. 

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