5 Enticing Reasons You May Want Choose to Elope

reasons to elope

In decades past, eloping meant sneaking away from friends and family, often to get married in secret. Fast forward to today, and eloping can range from saying “I do” in Vegas with just the two of you, or planning an intimate wedding somewhere new! Eloping is a wonderful way to cherish your love, step into a new chapter of marital bliss, and forgo some of the aspects of a traditional wedding that may not suit your needs.

Why Elope? Here are 5 Reasons!

Ball Out on Your Honeymoon

For some couples, the honeymoon is the dreamiest part of the marriage experience, but after paying for a pricy wedding, it’s reduced to a budget-friendly getaway. Eloping offers the chance to still get married or even have a small wedding, while still leaving plenty left over to have the luxury honeymoon of a lifetime!

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Leave Family Drama in The Dust

Countless couples spend their wedding planning process navigating age-old family drama and dynamics, wondering how to please everyone. Your marriage is about your love and commitment to each other, not the family feuds and grudges. For couples looking to start this new chapter filled with positive, buoyant energy, eloping is often the key. Perhaps down the road, you plan a reception for the extended family, but for now, eloping can offer peace and bliss!

Deep Connection

Somehow, in the journey of planning a large wedding and reception, the celebration of the intimate bond between the couple gets muted. The more people in attendance, the more the energy of the event gets split into a hundred different directions. For those couples craving to focus on their deep bond and love for one another, eloping is a beautiful way to do just that. 

Get Married Somewhere Exciting

If you aren’t worried about making your wedding affordable for one or two hundred people, what might become possible? Anything! Often times couples choose to elope because it means they can get married in a far off city or country, surrounded by only an intimate amount of the most essential people! Do you want an enchanting forest ceremony? Do you dream of being sprayed by the sea while saying I do?


Last, and most importantly, we recommend eloping because it is the easiest way to be completely authentic. When having a larger scale wedding it becomes a game of balancing opinions with the budget, compromise with parents, and loved one’s desires for you (them). When you elope, you get to design your wedding and nuptials in the most authentic way you deeply crave. You can both express yourselves however you wish to. You can incorporate completely non-traditional components; you can make it short and sweet or an extended love ballad. You get to customize your wedding to an absolute T and relish in the memory of it forever. 

However you choose to get married should be perfect for YOU! We want couples to feel empowered to choose the style of wedding that suits their dreams, and for many, eloping is that choice.

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