Why Themed Dinners Elevate Company Culture

meetings at the essex - themed dinners

Cuisine is what brings people together. One thing humans all share is the need to eat, but for most of us, eating has long evolved from the status of necessary; eating is celebratory, cultural, and a way to connect. An essential component of any off-site meeting experience is the cuisine. Unfortunately, many corporate meeting experiences are hosted at venues that don’t understand that food is an opportunity to continue connecting deeper.

Here at The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa, cuisine is our main focus. We understand that food isn’t only the way to people’s hearts, but it’s also a way to nourish them, mind, body, and spirit. 

As you begin to plan your next off-site meeting experience, give plenty of time and thought to the cuisine component, especially the big banquet dinner(s). We take a themed dinner approach, and today we’ll share our top three reasons for doing so.

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Show your team how important they are to you

The people in your organization are your number one resource, and the more valued they feel, the better they will continue to perform. Loyalty is crucial for the long-term success of a business, and the top talent always has a keen eye on those companies who truly value their team members. During a meeting experience, few things express appreciation more than a beautifully arranged and delicious curated meal. A themed dinner is far more personal than a run-of-the-mill group buffet. A themed dinner is thought-out and detail-oriented.

meetings at the essex themed dinners

Expose them to a new cuisine type + culture

The organizations that value education, culture, and kinmanship tend to far exceed their competition. You can offer all three in one fell swoop with a delicious, connected dinner featuring cuisine from around the world. Blend a variety of cuisine types, or choose one and theme the entire dinner to it. Some of our most popular themed dinners include:

  • A taste of the Mexican Riviera
  • A taste of India
  • Cooking with Vermont beer
vermont craft beer

Give your attendees something to look forward to, and chat about, year after year

Imagine walking through the halls and boardrooms of your company hearing the team members excitedly chatting about last year’s delicious dinner in anticipation for this years. Imagine a company culture where team members can’t wait for the next off-site meeting experience because 1. they know how much value they receive and 2. the incredible themed dinner that leaves everyone feeling inspired, nourished, and connected. It may sound like a small detail, a themed dinner, but we promise it’s a detail that will enhance your company culture and give your team something to chat about all year long. 

Ready to book your company’s next themed dinner? Go ahead and contact us today, and we’ll brainstorm how to best impress and appreciate your team!

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