Savoring Every Drop of a Vermont Vacation This Summer is Easier During the Weekdays

Despite Vermont being an incredibly popular destination to visit during the winter and fall seasons, summer still has quite the fan club. Not that Vermont ever gets crowds the size of New York City, or Cape Cod, but the prices rise during the summer, and the most popular places become fully booked. Unless, of course, you visit during the weekdays. 

Summer in Vermont – Why Weekdays are the Best Time to Visit

If galavanting around Vermont this summer sipping craft beer, hiking in the Green Mountains, and eating delicious locally sourced cuisine, sounds delightful, we agree. It is delightful! We sure do love our home state, and we want you to love it and enjoy your trip immensely. To ensure you do, here are five compelling reasons to plan your Vermont summer vacation during the week, rather than over a weekend.

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All The Nature, All to Yourselves

Part of Vermont’s charm is how empty it is, of people. With less than 700,000 people in the entire state, there are likely more cows roaming around than humans. Especially for those visitors coming from bigger cities and sprawling suburbs, Vermont feels like a breath of fresh, unpolluted air. During the weekends throughout summer, you may run into other friendly visitors while hiking. You might have to wait to catch the bartenders attention at the craft breweries, or at the most popular ones – wait in line. We’re not saying it’s like the mall on Black Friday, but a quick shift from weekend to weekdays will offer you the glory of Vermont with fewer people around. 

Lodging Availability and Happier Prices

In towns such as Burlington, where the tourist appeal is the strongest, the most reputable hotels are often booked solid during summer weekends. Even if they aren’t booked out entirely, the prices are higher due to it being peak season. Do yourself a favor and visit during the weekdays and enjoy plenty of hotel availability and slightly reduced prices.

Lack of Lines

Let’s face it, nearly everyone detests waiting in line, There’s something terribly wasteful feeling about it, especially while on vacation. Being a smalls state with a small population, Vermont, fittingly, has smaller establishments. Visiting during the weekend over summertime will land you in a line or two, versus visiting during the weekdays ensures maximum time enjoying and zero time waiting. 

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More Engagement With the Locals

One of Vermont’s quirkiest traits is its quirky, fun-loving locals. Vermonters adore their state and what it’s famous for and are happy to point you in the direction of their favorite places and experiences. It’s much easier to locate and chat with the locals when visiting during the weekday. Summertime being popular for vacationers means locals are often away on vacation themselves. Or, the locals are occupied providing the services for the vacationers to enjoy. Visit during the week and the bartenders, baristas, and friendly folk strolling along the street will have time to chat with you and tell you more details about their state. 

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Tranquil Energy

The essence of Vermont is one of grounded tranquility. Nature abounds in Vermont, and with four full-fledged seasons, the pace of life revolves around nature entirely. In a state so deeply connected with the rhythms of the Earth, the resulting energy is surprisingly tranquil. Most locals are nature-loving people who savor each season and enjoy it for it offers. With sunny warm weather during the summer, weekends become full of excited buzzing energy. There’s nothing bad or wrong about that, but if you want a taste of the pure tranquility a weekday visit is the way to go.

Have we made a thorough case? Yes, of course, part of our agenda is to compel you to come visit, but it is our greatest desire that you receive the most out of your trip. To do so,  visit during the week! It’s a win-win, Vermont gets to enjoy having you as a visitor, and you get to enjoy Vermont for a lower price, with plenty of options, and sans crowds. 

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