An Adventurous, Delicious, and Exciting 4 Day Vermont Itinerary

vermont travel itinerary

Where will your spring, summer, and early fall adventures take you? To Vermont, of course! Not that we’re biased or anything, but we happen to know Vermont is an excellent vacation destination. Our beautifully lush and wild state offers the perfect blend of pristine nature and the luxuries of modern life. Spend some of your days cruising through the countryside, hiking, picnicking and taking photos. Spend your other days eating delicious cuisine, sipping on craft beer, and interacting with the colorful locals.

Any amount of time in Vermont will be nourishing for your mind, body, and spirit. When determining how long to plan your trip for, we recommend a minimum of four days, especially if you’ve not yet visited. The overall energy of Vermont is slow and calm, and having four days to explore will allow you a similar travel cadence. You can approach planning a four-day trip by traveling all around the state, or choosing one city and using it as a home base. Burington, Vermont, is a great choice for a home base since it’s the largest city (still quite small compared to most other states) and is adjacent to Lake Champlain.

Vermont Travel Information – 4 Days of Delicious Excitement

To assist in your planning process, enjoy our recommended four-day Vermont itinerary featuring Burlington as home base.

Vermont Day One: Flavor of Burlington

After arriving to Burlington check-in to your hotel. Get settled, enjoy the fresh, crisp air. Once you’re settled, it’s time to explore the city. Prepare your palate for delicious flavors.

First Stop: Monarch and the Milkweed for brunch. The pastries are second-to-none, and the ambiance is light and pleasant.

Second Stop: Stroll along Church Street. Church Street is the bustling main street in the city where you can shop, taste, and interact.

Third Stop: Catch a show at the Vermont Comedy Club. Located in an old armory building on Main Street, the Club is the perfect place to spend an evening laughing, letting loose, and feeling connected to the human experience.

vermont travel itinerary

Vermont Day Two: Lake Champlain

Any day spent enjoying Lake Champlain is a day well-spent. Burlington offers a variety of ways to enjoy the lake.

First Stop: Penny Cluse Cafe for breakfast for gingerbread pancakes, homemade granola, and bloody Mary’s.

Second Stop: Local Motion, a local bike rental shop where you can get everything you need to bike along the Burlington Bike Path along and around the lake.

Third Stop: Post-biking calls for a treat. Treat yourself to a Creemee from Burlington Bay Cafe, which is Vermont slang for soft serve ice cream.

Fourth Stop: Sunset sailing on Lake Champlain. Choose a tour company, choose a tour, and hop aboard your vessel for a romantic farewell to the day and an open embrace of the warm evening.

Fifth Stop: Dinner at Hen of Wood, one of the most popular and critically acclaimed restaurants featuring farm-to-table fare and an entire menu page of Vermont cheese.

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Vermont Day Three: Craft Beer

Unbeknownst to many, Vermont has the most craft breweries per capita within the US. It’s safe to say that Vermonters love craft beer, and have become skilled at crafting it. If you love beer, we recommend spending the better part of a day on a self-guided tasting tour.

First Stop: Housed in a beautiful old historic brick building near the Burlington Bike Path, Foam Brewers combines everything magnificent about Vermont in one place. Critically acclaimed for its saisons and IPAs.

Second Stop: Enjoy a charming beer garden, classic beer styles, and creative brews (try to Sim City Extra IPA) at Zero Gravity.

Third Stop: One of the most socially innovative breweries, Switchback Brewing Co. is an essential stop on your tour. Enjoy the two expertly crafted year-round brews, as well as a few others that rotate seasonally.

Fourth Stop: If your schedule and bladder have room for a fourth stop, we recommend the Burlington Beer Co. The product of Joe Lemnah, a native Vermonter who returned to his roots after working for a variety of other brands including Dogfish Head and Evolution.

Once you’re satisfied and saturated, a nourishing dinner is called for. Head to American Flatbread, a delicious pizzeria that utilizes Verot-grown ingredients, and features classic red-checked tablecloths, games, and occasional live music.

vermont summer itinerary

Vermont Day Four: Visit Nearby Town of Stowe

Less than an hour from Burlington is the quaint town of Stowe. In the wintertime, Stowe is a popular winter sports destination, and in the warmer season, it becomes a hiking and nature paradise. Head out on your way out!

First Stop: People visit Stowe from around the state and the country to enjoy the many incredible hiking trails. Determine the length and difficulty level you desire and hit the trail! If you love chasing waterfalls, check out Moss Glen Falls.

Second Stop: Drive through the iconic covered bridges. Vermont is known for having more than a few picturesque and historic covered bridges, Emily’s is known to be haunted, but there are plenty more ghost-free you can enjoy.

Third Stop: Plate; Visit for the architecture and the food. A delicious and aesthetically magnificent place, Plate will provide the perfect note to end your trip on, delicious, unique, and utterly satisfying! Try the grilled calamari, steamed mussels, and cauliflower steak.

Now that you have the perfect itinerary, it’s time to select suitable accommodations. Treat yourselves to a luxurious stay at The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa. In some of the free space in your itinerary, you can enjoy a cooking class at The Essex, book a spa treatment, or nosh on the tasty fare at Junction.

We look forward to hosting you soon!

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