7 Tips to Have the Wedding Floral Arrangements of Your Dreams

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One of the most aesthetically magnificent aspects of a wedding is the floral arrangements. Flowers sprinkle in a feeling of aliveness, not to mention adding in color and vibrancy. Florals aren’t always the most focused upon detail of a wedding, but they have a significant impact on the ambiance of a wedding.

Quick Tips to Ensure Your Wedding Florals Are Spectacular

To ensure your wedding florals are spectacular, we have a few tips for you to consider as you plan your special day.

1. Develop Your Vision

There’s more to choosing florals than knowing the colors of your wedding. Of course, the colors of your wedding will influence the florals, but that is not the only factor. Spend a bit of time online perusing through Pinterest, or other wedding sites, to get an idea of what goes into floral arrangements and which you find more pleasing. Start to learn the names of various flowers, especially ones you like, as well as floral terms.

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2. Interview Florists With Care

Considering you have an entire wedding to arrange, it’ll be a relief to leave the floral arranging to an expert. Before entrusting this detail to a professional, we recommend interviewing a few different florists. Share with them the vision for your wedding and see how the conversation flows between you. Choose whichever florist listens deeply and makes you feel even more excited for the big day! A great way to find a killer florist is by asking your friends or asking your wedding planner, or venue representative, for recommendations.

3. Show Your Vision to Your Florist

As you meet with florists, be sure to bring as many wedding details as possible for some show and tell. Bring color swatches, fabric swatches, a print out of your Pinterest board, and anything else you have. This will help the florist get a better sense of your vision and work design the floral component to enhance your vision. The clearer you are on your vision and the more details you can share with your florist, the better!

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4. Be Clear on Your Budget

Details and visions aside, the most critical piece of information to share with your florist is your budget. There’s no point in the florist drawing up an extravagant design plan that will cost $6,000 if your budget is $3,000. Sit down with your soon-to-be-spouse and determine how much of the wedding budget can be allotted to florals. Often it’s at least 10%, but ultimately it’s your choice!


5. Consider the Seasons

Not all flowers are in bloom in every season. While you research the flowers, you look forward to having at your wedding, be mindful of whether or not they’ll be available during the season of your wedding.

6. Other Considerations

There are all sorts of fascinating considerations to make while selecting flowers.

– Allergies you may have
– The size of your wedding dress, you don’t want flowers too small or too big
– The meaning of the flowers, different flowers have different meanings in different culture and traditions
– Be sure your centerpieces still allow for conversations and connection among your guests
– Ask your florist how you can re-use flowers from the reception during the ceremony

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7. Trust Your Florist

Last, but not least, trust your florist! If you got referrals and interviewed a few different florists, then you can rest assured your florist is an expert. Since your florist is an expert and has done this many times before, allow them to offer advice and guidance and trust that they will absolutely design stunning floral arrangements for your special day!

Florals are one of the most fun and exciting details of wedding planning. Your floral arrangements will be part of every photo and video; they will be a silent champion for your love in the background of the day.

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