Timing is Key: Discover the Possibilities of an Off-Peak Wedding

off-peak wedding

Joy can abound when it comes to planning, executing, and enjoying one’s wedding. There’s plenty of rhetoric around the stress involved in wedding planning, but we know the secret to have the opposite experience: off-peak weddings.

A term most people are much less familiar with; off-peak weddings are weddings that avoid the triple S’s: Saturdays, Spring, and Summer. Do most couples get married on a Saturday in the spring or summertime? Absolutely.

You and your significant other, though, are dissimilar from other couples; you are dreaming of enjoying every step of the process of getting married. It is entirely possible to have your cake and eat it too, when it comes to getting married (see what we did there?), especially with an off-peak wedding. Here are three astounding reasons why getting married off-peak is the way to go:

Three Astounding Reasons to Get Married Off-Peak Season

1. Pick a Date, Any Date

Saturdays are in high demand, so, instead, opt for a Friday or a Sunday. Opt for any day of the week you please. This can have a similar effect as a destination wedding; fewer people will be able to attend. For some couples that is a sobering thought, for others it’s a strategy to help manage the ever-lengthening guest list. You can still opt for a Saturday, though, if you aren’t getting married in peak season as there will be plenty to choose from.

2. Splurge Without… Splurging

Aside from freedom of date choices, the main reason to get married during the off-season is that the cost is substantially lower. Saturday late afternoon and evening time-frame is the priciest time to get married. You can have the exact same experience except on a different day, and the price drops substantially. A Friday wedding, for example, has the added benefit of two full days of rest afterward for you, your family, and all of the guests! Another alternative for a weekend wedding is a Sunday wedding brunch and afternoon reception.

Overall though, you are already winning big in the savings department: off-peak season plus an off-peak day. Just imagine the savings. Or, rather than savings, perhaps you can splurge on:

– An exotic honeymoon

– A highly recommended videographer

– A live band

– An after-party lounge

3. Undivided Attention

Another amazing benefit of exchanging nuptials during an off-peak time is that you’ll have little to no competition for attention. Meaning, chances are your best friend, fiancé’s cousin, or childhood neighbor won’t also be getting married the same month, or season, as you.

Imagine, all of your favorite and most important people gathered to celebrate your union, without fresh comparisons of the wedding they went to last weekend. Your celebration will be the grand event everyone is talking about and looking forward to!

Choice freedom, cost savings, and undivided attention; this is the secret trifecta for a thoroughly enjoyable wedding experience, from the beginning of planning to the sweet goodbyes before jetting off on your honeymoon. No need to sacrifice the most important elements of your big day because of the budget. No heartbreak when your coveted date is taken already. You won’t be hearing “oh no! I’m already going to a different wedding that day.”

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