6 Pro Tips For Finding The Wedding Venue of Your Dreams

dream wedding venue

Getting engaged is incredibly exciting, and no month sees more engagements than December! Saying “yes” to the one you love, or being the one to drop down on one knee and ask for forever, are moments in time you’ll never forget. Exhilaration, joy, ecstasy, happiness, elation, are all emotions that often felt upon being asked, and becoming, engaged to be married!

Unfortunately, for many couples, the elation subsides when the process of finding a wedding venue begins.

How to Find Your Dream Wedding Venue

Today, we’re thrilled to provide you with six hacks to ensure you find your dream wedding venue without stress! Finding a venue can absolutely be an enjoyable process filled with happiness and excitement. Here’s how:

1. Set a Budget ASAP

Before you do anything else, get an idea of your budget. It’s no secret that weddings can be a hefty investment, depending on the size and scope. Before you start drooling over dream wedding venues, find out how much money you have to work with. This way, you won’t have unrealistic expectations or fall in love with a venue that just won’t fit the budget. Regardless of your budget, you will find a dream wedding venue within it; the key is to only look for what you can afford!

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2. Get a General Idea of The Guest List Size

Knowing the budget will also help you get an idea of how many people you’ll be able to invite, which will help narrow down your wedding venue search significantly. Once again, you want to avoid falling in love with venues that are too small or too big, which you can only know once you’ve assembled a preliminary guest list based on your preliminary budget!

dream wedding venue

3. Ceremony + Reception: Same Location?

Another important decision to make before you shop for a venue in earnest is whether or not you want your ceremony and reception to be in the same location. If you wish to have the ceremony in a church, for example, then the reception will almost always be at a different location. Settle these details, and you’ll have narrowed your options down!

4. Utilize Easy Resources

There are some seriously useful tools online to help you search for wedding venues. Shopping online first gives you a chance to browse through photos, read reviews, get pricing ideas before taking the time to tour the venues in person. YOu’ll be able to narrow down your search and get a clearer picture of what you do and don’t want. Our favorite site for venue shopping is Wedding Wire.

5. Which is More Important: The Date or The Venue?

This question may prove to be crucial during your search, which is why we recommend to answer it before you begin searching. For some couples, the date of the wedding is the priority, and for others, it’s finding the dream venue and choosing from the available dates. Weddings are booked quite far in advance, so don’t be surprised if your ideal date is already taken at the venues you’re considering. Having a flexible date option will give you more venue choices, and sometimes even more pricing choices as well.

dream wedding venue

6. Deep Breaths + Trust

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, take a deep breath and choose to trust the process. Remember, this is a joyous occasion! If at any point you start to feel worried or overwhelmed, try to simply trust the process. The perfect venue is somewhere, waiting for you! We’ve found that the couples who set the intentions of love, joy, and trust before searching for venues experience the least amount of stress. Your mindset about the process is the most important piece!

We wish you a smooth and enjoyable wedding venue search! For photos of our very own enchanting wedding venue in the stunning Vermont countryside, visit here!

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