Leave Your Team Amazed After Your Next Conference With These Meeting Trends

corporate meeting trends

Technology evolves and challenges change, but one thing will always stay the same, the need for meetings. From the early knights gathering around a roundtable to the sophistication of today’s boardrooms and conference centers, the concept is fundamentally the same. Great thinkers, innovators, and creatives join together to brainstorm, and to do that effectively, a meeting is needed.

Corporate Meeting Trends

Understanding the latest trends and strategies for meetings is conducive for an efficient, productive, and fruitful experience. On that note, as you move into the last quarter of the year, and prep for the new year, consider if any of the following meeting trends will be of use to you and your team.

Live Streaming

With technology making it easier than ever to work remotely, it’s becoming necessary to use that same technology to accommodate virtual meeting participants. As you plan out your next meeting, don’t forget to set up live streaming, so that those team members who cannot physically attend can still participate in real time. If there is the added consideration of time zones, make sure the live streaming records so you can share the important parts with those who have to miss it altogether. Not only will this ensure everyone gets to participate and learn, but it will also help foster a sense of inclusivity and compromise within your work environment. Two qualities that are known to promote a greater sense of loyalty and camaraderie within the workplace.

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Culinary Bonding

Team building is taking on a variety of new and fascinating forms, one of the most unusual, yet decidedly popular is in the realm of the culinary arts. For small groups, break up a day of conferencing by using the other parts of the brain with a cooking lesson! Or, for larger groups, make the cuisine aspect more interactive. Have a specialty chef on-site during lunch who can answer questions about the cuisine, make recommendations, and mix up dishes that will surprise and delight the palates of your team.

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Off-Site Exploration

For those meetings held in boardrooms and conference rooms, we highly recommend breaking up the day with excursions. If you hold your meeting at a venue that has plenty of acreage, you can hire someone to guide a meditative walk. If you’re close to a town, take the group out to lunch or on a tour highlighting the local culture. Getting everyone’s body moving at various intervals throughout the day will help concentrate and saturation of the content.

corporate meeting trends

Ability to Stay Fit

We recommend fitness becoming part of your company culture if it isn’t already. Studies show the importance of prevention within the realm of health. Simply put, those with healthy bodies have increased mental focus, as the distraction of pain is not there. You can help ensure this is the case for your team by creating a company culture that includes fitness. One way to demonstrate this aspect of your culture is by having plenty of fitness offerings before, during, or after your corporate meetings. A group yoga lesson, sports challenges, hired personal trainers for the week, etc.

Keep Engagement by Making it Personal

The more personal the meeting experience, the more likely the participants are to be engaged with it. Meeting participants may forget the specifics of what occurred at the meeting, but they won’t forget how they felt during it. Be sure to have someone greeting everyone, personalized name tags, swag bags with their names embroidered (if offering them), etc.

corporate meeting trends

Philanthropy Sprinkled In

We are very much in the age of giving back and paying it forward, a trend that has blossomed in the meetings industry. Consider facilitating a philanthropic scavenger hunt. Perhaps your team gets to take rescue dogs for a walk around town to raise money and advertise the dogs ready for adoption. There are infinite ways to sprinkle in a bit of philanthropy in the meeting experience!

As you begin to plan your team’s next big meeting event, consider utilizing one or more of the above trends to spice it up. Ideally, you want your team to look forward to these big meetings, waiting in anticipation to discover what surprises and activities await them. If you find yourself in need of the perfect meeting venue in a place filled with nature, fresh food, and plenty of adventures, then look no further than The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa.

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