Vermont, Craft Beer, and a Unique Vacation Experience Just For You

unique vacation ideas

More often than not vacations are relatively similar and predictable. We choose a destination, spend a few days there, eat, drink, and see the sights. Of course, this is an enjoyable experience, but have you ever considered opting for a unique themed vacation?

Imagine your typical vacation, with a themed twist. Instead of the traditional vacation components, each one is aligned within a certain theme, a theme that may have you doing or trying things that you might not normally. Is that vague enough for you?

Unique Vacation Ideas

Ready to hear specifics about this curious, unique themed vacation idea? Well the incredibly creative team at The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa, enjoys cooking up different hotel package stay ideas. Since the resort is known for its culinary finesse and out of the box ideas, it’s no surprise that the latest package theme is Bed & Brew. Here’s what your next vacation experience can entail if you so desire:

Trade in the Traditional Hotel Room For a Culinary Inspired Room

The rooms at The Essex have been recently renovated to further align with the culinary theme of the entire resort. Each room is decorated with a different culinary emphasis such as “harvest” or “spices.” Everything from the color scheme to the decor was intentionally created. The Bed & Brew package includes two nights in one of these rooms.

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Craft Beer Tasting

If there is one thing Vermont, as a state, is becoming increasingly famous for, it’s its craft beer. Those who follow craft beer closely will have noticed that Vermont beers consistently win awards and make it on the “top” charts. When you arrive at The Essex, you’ll receive the most recent featured craft beers, to taste, at check-in.

vermont craft beer

Craft Beer Pairing

Wine is the usual suspect for an alcoholic beverage and food pairing, but with the Bed & Brew package, you’ll receive a craft beer flight to pair with a board of delectable cheeses, each, at the on-site, critically acclaimed restaurant Tavern.

Beer-Themed Spa Treatment

On this unique vacation experience, you’ll be trading in the traditional spa treatment for a specially crafted 50-minute beer-themed treatment! Trust us when we say, the combination of the luxurious spa treatments and hops is one that will leave you feeling replenished and satisfied!

unique vacation ideas

Self-Guided Craft Beer Tour

With all of this craft beer talk and tasting, it’s time to take your appreciation on the road! One of the most popular activities in Vermont, these days, is to hop around from one iconic craft brewery to the next. The Essex team knows all of them and has distinct favorites; you’ll get a curated map, with your hotel package, guiding you to all the best breweries.

Parting Gift

To commemorate your unique vacation experience, you’ll be heading home with a set of signature beer glasses. Now, every time you open the cupboard to reach for a glass, you can glance at your beer glasses and remember all the beer, food, and experiences you had in Vermont!

Ready for the Bed & Brew experience? We think you are. If you’d like to book this experience or see what other unique vacations await, visit here. We can’t wait to host you!

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