Traveling With Fido? 6 Tips For A Smooth Trip

Pet-Friendly Travel in Vermont

Is there anything more satisfying in life than packing a bag and hitting the road for a getaway, just you and the dog? We think not. There are so many fun destinations to visit that are super dog-friendly. With cooler temperatures, perfect for our furry friends, the time is ripe to plan a weekend escape to enjoy quality time with your pooch. Spending time with Fido outside of the usual routine, though, typically requires a bit of pre-planning to ensure it all goes smoothly. To help with that, consider these six helpful tips for traveling with your dog.

Pet-Friendly Travel in Vermont

Know Where the Nearest Vet is, Ahead of Time

Just in case, it’s always wise to look up ahead of time where there’s a reputable veterinarian. Naturally, we hope you never need to visit a vet with your pet while on vacation or anytime for that matter, but life happens and it’s good to know you have the option!

Spend the Day Before, Exercising Your Dog

Whether you’ll be flying or driving, a tired pooch is better than a hyperactive one. Especially if your dog is very energetic, spending the day before your trip letting them run, walk, chase, and play will make your life much easier!

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Pack Spares

Of everything. Similar to children, messes happen, things get destroyed, lost, or forgotten. Check all your bases by simply bringing spares of everything important. Especially pack spare ID’s, poop bags, and toys.

pet friendly travel in vermont


Even if your dog has never peed on anything other than nature for a decade, it’s still smart to be prepared, just in case. Baking soda works wonders at getting stains out of the carpet, and also can be used in paste form to soothe a bee sting.

Practice Using the Carrier Ahead of Time

For those with small dogs that will be using carriers, be sure to test out the carrier before the trip. It’s crucial that your pet feels the carrier is a safe and familiar space so that he doesn’t get anxiety and stress when you travel. Which will also make your travel experience more smooth and enjoyable as well.

pet friendly travel in vermont

Choose a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Not every hotel is pet-friendly, and of the pet-friendly hotels, some are even friendlier than others. The best way to dsicern the situation is to do some online research, make a list of the possible options, and then if you have further questions call the hotel.

The more prepared you are for your adventures, the better! This isn’t to say you need to have your entire itinerary planned out, we always encourage leaving plenty of time to see what flows once you arrive, or in the case of a road trip, along the way!

Vermont is a state filled with pet-obsessed people, and also happens to be an excellent autumn getaway. Gorgeous fall foliage, delicious farm to table fare, and charming towns, such as Burlington, combine to make it an excellent human and dog get away. Here at The Essex, we’re excited to announce a special package designed with you and Fido in mind. Check out our Bon Appetit package right here.

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