6 Compelling Reasons to Say I do in Vermont During the Wintertime

Unbeknownst to many engaged couples, are the (many) advantages to planning a winter wedding. Spring, summer, and fall get all of the wedding attention, but there is much to be said for having a winter wedding. Not just any winter wedding, though; a Vermont winter wedding.

Reasons to Plan a Winter Wedding in Vermont

Couples who opt to exchange nuptials during a Vermont winter always get an abundance of attention, as their guests are not distracted by graduations, recitals, other weddings, summer vacations, etc. Most of the guests won’t have any other weddings to attend until spring, making the winter wedding the talk of the season.

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Aside from that, we’ve got six other incredible advantages to having a winter wedding in Vermont:

Off-Season Dates = Off Season Rates

Since wedding season is decidedly not during wintertime, nearly every facility will have significantly decreased rates. While there are some facilities that are ski in / ski out and rely on the winter months to fuel their hotel or resort, many spaces consider November-March to be off-peak. Since the event space will remain vacant otherwise, the vendors decrease the rates to encourage winter bookings. For example, a peak Saturday at a given Vermont venue may have a site fee of $7500.00. If you were to brave the cold, a Saturday during the winter would be discounted down to only $4000.00. The same tables, chairs, linen, and wares are all included in the fee, so it is really a great value.

Add in an Extra Vendor

Some couples are pleased to spend less, and other couples are pleased to use their savings to pay for an additional vendor. Savings of $3500, which is roughly how much couples save on a winter wedding at The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa, is often enough to splurge for an incredible florist, hire that amazing DJ, or opt for the recommended photographer.

Everyone Gets a Winter Sports Getaway

Vermont is one of the most idyllic places for winter sports. Gorgeous mountains, heaps of snow, and charming ski lodges combine to create a fairytale winter getaway. Having a winter wedding in Vermont means the wedding guests can choose to arrive early, or a stay a few days after, and enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, cross country, snowboarding, and more.

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Winter Wedding Photos Are Phenomenal

Most couples main concern with having a winter wedding is regarding the photos. Let us assure you, the opportunities for envy-inducing wedding photos in the winter are limitless. We’re talking enchanting snowfall kisses, cute boot photos, matching sweaters, snowball fights, and so much more. A winter wedding is worth it for the photos alone.

You Can Have Whichever Date You Please

It is practically guaranteed that whichever date you have your heart set on, you will get. This is absolutely not the case for any other season. Saturday’s are booked a year, or more, in advance in the summer, spring, and fall. Wintertime the calendar is usually wide open and does not require as much advance planning.

To put this in even more perspective, on a given summer, spring, or fall day, wedding sales managers often receive 20 or more requests for the same few Saturdays. Peak fall foliage, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and 4th of July weekend, are some of the more popular ones. It is heartbreaking for couples not to get the date that works best for their families. Skip all of that drama and get the date you want, in the winter!

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Fun Wedding Food Opportunities

A winter wedding brings unique opportunities in terms of the menu. We love it when couples opt for fun comfort foods including hot beverage bars, delectable soups, braised short ribs, smoked gouda mac and cheese, pre or post-ceremony s’mores at the onsite bonfire pits. Guests have so much fun eating their way through winter weddings; it’s one of the best parts!

Convinced yet? Of course, getting married is a beautiful occasion, no matter the season. It doesn’t matter which season you choose, saying “I do” to the partner of your dreams will be momentous any day, month, or season of the year. If you are considering a winter wedding and would like to know more details, connect with us! We are happy to answer all questions about getting married in the winter in Vermont!

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