5 Reasons to Road Trip in Vermont, Plus a Few Tips For Fall Foliage Photography

vermont road trip

Out of all 50 states, how does one stand out from the rest? There will always be a handful of states that everyone forgets about most of the time, but there are plenty of less-famous states that have plenty to offer.

Our Tips For a Road Trip in Vermont

We can’t answer for each state, yet we can say with confidence that taking a road trip, through Vermont, during autumn, is an experience that stands out among any other. Seriously, Vermont may just be the easiest and most enjoyable place to road trip around, and if you throw in the spectacular fall foliage, well then you’ve got a recipe for ultimate travel satisfaction. Better yet, we have a quick list of exactly why you should take a road trip in Vermont and how to not ruin your fall foliage photos.

1. It’s the 45th Largest State 

Vermont is the 45th largest state in the U.S., so in other words, it’s the 6th smallest state. Meaning you can road trip all over the state within a relatively short amount of time. Diving from one end of California to the other, for example, takes about 15 hours (at least). Brattleboro to Burlington, Vermont, is a mere 2.5-hour drive. You can go from the bottom of Vermont to the top in a matter of a few hours. The point is, it’s such a small state it’s so easy and fun to drive all around it.

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Photo Tip: Use the Rule of Thirds

Now, as you’re driving all around it, during the fall, you’re going to want to take tons of photos. To help ensure your photos turn out decent, implement the rule of thirds. Essentially, imagine a photo with two horizontal lines, separating it into thirds, and two vertical lines. Now your frame has 9 boxes. Ideally, the important features in the photo align on the lines and line intersections. This means, there will not be a tree in the very center of your photo. Yes, that may seem odd, but follow this step, and your photos are already ahead of the game.

vermont road trip

2. Beer

Another reason to road trip around Vermont is to taste as much craft beer as desired. If you’re considering visiting Vermont, it’s likely you already know of the state’s relationship to craft beer. If you don’t know, Vermont is full of expert craftbeersmen and women, and as a result, there are plenty of craft breweries for you stop at and taste.

Photo Tip: Lighting

Plan on taking most of your foliage photos during golden hour. Golden hour is the hour is less of a specific hour and more of a time of day, and it happens twice, right after sunrise, and right before sunset. Everything is basked in a golden hue of beauty and photography skills are less needed because the lighting is just that good.

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3. Awesome People Everywhere

There are states with friendly people, and then there’s Vermont-level friendly. Friendly and quirky and awesome. It’s a no-brainer, really. Vermont is a small state, filled with magnificent landscapes including the stunning Green Mountains, Lake Champlain, and more. Vermonters love of maple syrup, craft beer, and growing locally. It’s a state filled with people who are obsessed with nature, food, and beer, essentially, and love those things so much they are willing to live through the long, cold winters.

Photo Tip: Find the Stand Out Tree

Taking a cluster of colorful trees will be lovely. Taking a photo of a spectacularly vibrant tree amidst a backdrop of less colorful trees is often even more spectacular because the single tree really pops. As you road trip, notice if one particular tree stands out from the rest, and then capture it in all its glory!

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4. Locally Sourced Food 

Vermont has more farms than it does people. Not only does our state have an abundance of farms, but it also has a farm-to-table, locally-sourced, grow-at-home culture, as well. In fact, the state has the most comprehensive statewide food system program in place, the first of its kind in New England, called farm to plate.

The program was created to help improve the states’ economy, create jobs, and improve access to healthy local food for everyone. As a result, nearly any restaurant you dine in, barring fast food and chain restaurants, will feature locally sourced ingredients. During your road trip, you’ll eat healthier, and more delicious, food than ever before!

Photo Tip: Reflections

If you can manage to find a view of the foliage reflected in a body of water or on a glass surface, then you will easily have a jaw-dropping photo at the ready!

vermont road trip

5. Covered Bridges 

If you’ve never seen a covered bridge while casually driving through the Vermont countryside in dying autumn, have you lived?! We think not! Jokes aside, covered bridges and fall foliage combined create the most soul-satisfying vista. A vista that instantly makes an Insta-worthy photo.

What is a covered bridge you may ask? It’s simply a bridge with, what appears to be, a wooden barn-like structure covering it. Though they aren’t built anymore, covered bridges flourished in the U.S. during the 19th century, and Vermont is home to around 104 of them.

Photo Tip: Photos of Foliage and Covered Bridges

Our photo tip here is to simply snap a photo of one of these bridges (you have 104 to choose from) with the foliage all around. Be prepared for major likes, after posting.

There is no bad road trip itinerary in Vermont, and if you follow our photo tips then… well, nevermind. We can’t guarantee your fall foliage photos will turn out well. What we can guarantee, though, is that your eyes will sigh in delight at the sights, your taste buds will be in heaven as you dine and drink, and your hearts will be full as you interact with the friendly and quirky locals. Suffice it to say, road tripping through Vermont is a delight, and the fall foliage serves as the perfect backdrop.

When you find yourself in Burlington, swing by and relax for a few days at our luxurious and extremely photogenic resort, The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa. While here, you can learn to cook, take plenty more photos, relax at the spa, and soak in the sights, sounds, and smells of the season!

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