Four Creative Ways to Pop The Question in The Romantic Vermont Countryside

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So, you’ve decided it’s time to ask for forever, congratulations! When it comes to popping the question, how does one begin to plan the big moment? With endless possibilities for the what, when, where, who, and how’s, it can feel overwhelming to narrow it down. If you find yourself in this boat, don’t sweat it, we are here to assist.

Propose at a Romantic Inn in Vermont

By choosing to escape for a few days, you’ll be able to cultivate an entire proposal experience that you’ll both remember for a lifetime. If the two of you enjoy nature, fine food, and a cozy atmosphere, we recommend booking a stay at The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa. At The Essex, you’ll be able to retreat from the distractions of daily life to be fully present for this exciting new chapter in your lives. After settling the date(s) of your proposal getaway and booking your stay, and you can begin to brainstorm the how.

1. The Romantic Garden Stroll Proposal

Charmingly nestled in the Vermont countryside, The Essex is a series of elegant white New England styled buildings, with manicured pathways winding between them. Being a culinary resort first and foremost, The Essex boasts an abundant garden.

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After an incredibly relaxing evening spent at The Essex, picture yourselves waking up, noshing on a delicious breakfast, and then suggesting to your partner that the two of you take a walk through the garden. Once you happen upon a particularly lovely spot, you point to a flower, she turns to gaze at it, and then suddenly you drop to one knee.

romantic inn vermont

2. Cooking Class With a Sweet Ending

Do you share a love for cooking? What could be romantic than a few hours spent learning all the chef secrets of chopping, sauce making, and flavor pairing? Sign up for one of the many fantastic cooking classes at The Essex, and arrange beforehand to finish the class with a special dessert featuring a little extra… sparkle!

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3. Zen Zone Proposal

In our fast-paced society, moments of tranquility are immensely luxurious. Few experiences set the stage for savoring the present moment than a quality massage. Spend an hour with your partner dropping into complete relaxation during a couples massage. Afterward, as you sip champagne in bathrobes enjoying the elegant spa, whip out that tiny black box from your robe pocket, and sweep your sweetheart off of her feet.

romantic inn vermont


4. Room Service With a Twist

After spending the day indulging every sense, chances are your significant other will be ready to start winding down. Every single room at The Essex is equal parts luxurious and cozy, setting the stage perfectly for a proposal. At some point during the day speak the hotel management and arrange to have a special room service tray delivered. On it can be whichever foods, desserts, and drinks you choose, as well as an extra special miniature package! The champagne will be ready to go on the tray!

However you choose to pop the question at The Essex, you can rest assured you’ll have the entire hotel team ready and willing to assist. No need to work out all of the details on your own, we are happy to help. You’ll see once you arrive, The Essex exudes romance, and is the ideal destination to ask for forever. The best part? After you ask, you can keep on celebrating, savoring, and relaxing all weekend long!

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