Retreat to The Essex in Vermont For a Total Sensory Experience

wellness retreat in vermont

Have you noticed the trend of wellness retreats sweeping the globe? Perhaps you’ve come across photos on Instagram of downward facing dog being done in the Greek isles? What is all the fuss about on these wellness retreats?

Our hypothesis is this: in an ever-busy world taking time to indulge each of the senses is an incredible way to nourish one’s mind, body, and soul. Do you need to jet off on a yoga retreat to Greece to enjoy indulging each sense in a blissful experience?

No way! You can find ways to disconnect from technology and enjoy the present moment anywhere! When you eat, rather than look at the phone or TV, you can close your eyes, chew slowly, and let the flavors swirl around your palette. That’s just ONE example; there are thousands of ways to practice tapping into the senses.

Why You’ll Love Your Next Wellness Retreat in Vermont

What we’re here to offer today, is the chance to go on a self-guided wellness retreat right here in Vermont. The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa, is it’s own wellness retreat, offering luxury experiences for each sense. Tucked away in the town of Essex in the northwest portion of Vermont, near Lake Champlain, lies a cozy countryside getaway known as The Essex.

The resort has a unique history in that it used to be a culinary school! Not wanting to let go of its original use entirely, the resort still features a cooking school! More on that later. For those looking to tap into a total-sensory experience and indulgence, then The Essex is the ideal venue, here’s why:

Sweet Sounds

Did we mention The Essex is set on hundreds of acres of Vermont wilderness? Plus, there’s a lovely garden in which many of the restaurant ingredients are grown. With an abundance of flora and fauna, nature sounds available to soak in are plentiful! Listen to the cheerful birds chirping, the tree and garden leaves rustling in the breeze and the occasional sprinkle of rain. Take as much time as you’d like just listening. Stroll through the garden, walk around the resort grounds, or find a charming spot to sit and meditate.

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wellness retreat in vermont

Delicious Flavors

Perhaps everyone’s favorite sense, taste, is our favorite one to indulge at The Essex. Since the resort features a culinary theme, there are a myriad of ways to treat your taste buds. For the no-work-involved way, dine at Junction or Tavern, the two on-site restaurants featuring a knockout menu that changes often.

If you prefer something more hands-on, sign-up for one of the incredible cooking courses at Cook Academy!

Decompressing Touch

The trials and tribulations of daily life are enough to tense up one’s muscles and connective tissue, and left untouched for too long can result in injury or other issues down the road. The great news is that getting bodywork done will alleviate the physical stress of living while soothing the sense of touch. Book an appointment at the on-site spa and let every worry or stress melt away.

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wellness retreat in vermont

Intoxicating Scents

When it comes to indulging one’s sense of smell, The Essex is rich with opportunities. Naturally dining in either restaurant or taking a cooking course will offer a myriad of delicious scents. We also recommend opting for any spa treatment, in which all sorts of essential oils and wonderful scents are utilized for your relaxation. Finally, spending time on the resort grounds and in the garden will delight your nose around every turn!

Soothing Sights

Few things are better than allowing the eyes to rest on a magnificent natural wonder. We don’t mean wonder in the sense of the Great Pyramids, although we certainly love that sight as well, but rather the ordinary-yet-extraordinary natural features. Vermont is lucky enough to have lush forests, the stunning Green mountains, Lake Champlain (and many other lakes), open fields, and many more geographical features. Whether you choose to spend hours in our garden or head to the Green Mountains for a hike, your eyes will have an absolute feast.

Sound luxurious? Relaxing? Indulgent? It is, and you can experience it all at The Essex! We look forward to helping you curate a total sensory experience, soon!

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