This Father’s Day, Take Dad on His Dream Beer Trip

vermont craft beer

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and you may be wondering what to get him or how to celebrate. How does one go about showing the man who helped bring you into being, just how much he means to you (and your siblings)? Great question, and one that you may need to spend some time pondering.

We took some time to consider how to spoil our dads this Father’s Day, and we came up with one clear, sure-fire way – beer. Oh yes, our dads are immensely fond of the foamy, craft pours that can be found throughout Vermont, as are most Vermonters in general. Did the dads of Vermont become craft beer aficionados because Vermont’s craft beer scene is so stellar, or is it just a coincidence that they ended up living within a craft beer mecca? We may never know, but what we do know is how to navigate Vermont’s breweries to give dad the beer trip of his dreams.

Try Vermont Craft Beer for A Father’s Day to Remember

If your dad also happens to love craft beer, in particular, Vermont craft beer, then keep on reading as we lay out how to gift dad the day of his dreams. A day full of family and beer, what more could dad possibly want?!

Kick Off Father’s Day With a Delicious Brunch

Before saturating the body with beer, it’s wise to ingest some food, first. Not only is Vermont a beer mecca, but it’s also known for exceptional food, which is due, in part, to the abundance of nearby farms, from which many of the restaurants source their ingredients.

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We recommend taking dad to brunch at Penny Cluse Cafe, which offers delicious fare such as a smoked salmon plate, chorizo and egg tacos, and polenta and eggs. You can’t go wrong; any menu item will please your taste buds.

vermont craft beer

Head Out Onto the Beer Trail

With full bellies and satiated taste buds, it’s time to head out on the beer trail. With dozens of breweries throughout Vermont to choose from, the question begs which to visit? Our best advice is to keep it simple, which is why we recommend doing the Pine Street brewery hop. Pine Street is a foodie haven, offering everything from homemade donuts to a variety of breweries. Here are our favorites:

Zero Gravity Beer

The colorful hummingbird logo says it all. This brewery is a place of discovery and laid-back, pure fun. The Pine Street location features a 30-barrel brew house, full canning line, tasting room, retail shop, and a sun-drenched beer garden. It’s an all-around pleasant experience. Try their classic Green State Lager and the Cone Head IPA. Visit their website here.

vermont craft beer

Queen City Brewery

At this brewery, you can enjoy classic beer styles in a cozy pub setting. Choose from 14 taps, many of which rotate year-round. Taste a variety of styles including their South End Lager, Yorkshire Porter, and Monk of Underhill Belgian Tripel. Check out their offerings here.

Citizen Cider

Take a quick break from the many tasting flights and pints of beer to enjoy something on the fruitier side, cider. We get it, you might not think you’re a fan of cider, but trust us, this cidery is so delicious you’ll be blown away. All of their ciders are made from locally-sourced apples and are never made from any concentrate of any kind. It’s easy to taste the difference, and we recommend starting with the classic “core” ciders, of which there are four. Unified Press is the traditional apple cider; The Dirty Mayor is an apple and ginger mix, the Lake Hopper a non-traditional dry hop cider, and the Wit’s Up which is described as the cider for the cider-maker. Visit the site here.

vermont craft beer

House of Fermentology

By far one of the quirkiest breweries of all, perfect for the odd-ball dad. The House of Fermentology is a small beer blendery that ferments and ages its beers slowly in oak barrels. They describe their ales as wild, and all of their beers are alive, unfiltered and 100% bottle conditioned. Every single beer is named dot. One of the beers is named orange dot, while another is purple dot. We recommend tasting all the dots. Learn more here.

Treat Dad to a Relaxing Evening Rest

Post beer shenanigans, dad will be ready for a relaxing and restful evening, which you can easily give him with a stay at The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa. Not only does The Essex offer plenty of local beers on tap in its restaurants, but it’s just a stone’s throw away from the self-guided beer tasting tour. We hope your dad has the most enjoyable Father’s Day yet, and we’ll get to wish you all a happy Father’s Day in person at The Essex!

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