Waterfalls, Swimming Holes, and Lakes, The Many Ways to Enjoy Vermont All Summer Long

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Everyone’s version of bliss is different, but a cool swimming spot on a hot summer day, surrounded by nature appeals to the mass majority, right?

We think so! If thick forests, magnificent mountains, and plenty of wide open spaces is your kind of scenery, then Vermont is just the place for you this summer. Hidden within the vast landscape of Vermont lies various swimming holes and waterfalls waiting to be enjoyed. Not to mention a refreshing reprieve from the fierce summer sun.

Spending a Summer in Vermont? You’ll Love These Waterfalls and Swimming Holes

Without further ado, here are a few favorite ways to get wet and keep your cool in Vermont this summer.

Red Rocks South Burlington

Located in South Burlington, Red Rocks is a beautiful public park. The formerly private estate, offers beaches, hiking, and cliff jumping on Lake Champlain. You’ll see some daredevils, but be warned, cliff jumping can be perilous! We recommend relaxing at the beach and taking in the surrounding beauty.

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Warren Falls

A formerly “secret” and “hidden” swimming hole, the cat was let out of the bag a few summers ago, and now Warren Falls is enjoyed by many. Thankfully for locals, there are still plenty of other hidden water holes that remain a secret, for now. Meanwhile, Warren Falls is by far one of the best summer swimming spots in all of Vermont, and we hope you get a chance to enjoy! Because it’s so popular, we advise avoiding visiting on the weekends.

Bristol Falls

A dramatically elegant 15-foot waterfall, large boulders, and a deep natural pool are a just a few of the reasons to visit Bristol Falls. Adventure seekers from near and far make their way past the charming village of Bristol to head to the New Haven River, which provides a variety of summer swimming spots.

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Rock Point

If geology fascinates you and you’re a sucker for a cool rock formation, then you may want to plan a trip to Rock Point, another swimming and nature spot on Lake Champlain. Get directions and more information here.

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Moss Glen Falls

Simple water holes are fun to swim in, but how about a serene hike that leads to an enchanting waterfall? Moss Glen Falls is well worth the short hike, under three miles roundtrip, and will delight your senses with its beauty, mist, sounds, and overall experience.

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Lake Champlain

Being a rather large lake, Lake Champlain offers many different swimming areas, each a little different than the next. You can enjoy the beaches in Burlington, alongside a happy crowd of other locals and visitors. If you want to get more adventurous, you can drive along the lake and seek out a smaller, lesser trafficked beach. To check out where each public access point is located, use this tool.

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We’ve barely scratched the surface of possible water play in Vermont. With dozens of lakes, creeks, and rivers, there’s no shortage of spots, both secret and well-known. In between natural water adventures, a dip in the elegant pool at The Essex, Vermont’s Resort & Spa, in Burlington is in order! Stay for a night or two, or treat yourself to a few days, either way, we look forward to helping you cool off in Vermont!

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