The Ultimate Foodie Getaway You’ve Never Heard of Before

foodie getaway

Long gone are the days when humans were hunters and gatherers in the traditional sense.

These days, we hunt for the best restaurants, freshest ingredients, and innovative culinary creations. We gather food experiences, friends who enjoy eating, and culinary tools to bring home.

For some, the true hunt is in discovering the best foodie towns across the U.S. If this describes you, then we’ve got a delicious, off-the-beaten-path, destination ripe for your discovery!

The Essex – The Ultimate Foodie Getaway

Burlington, Vermont, a city where nature, beer, cheese, local farms, creativity, and quirkiness combine to create the ultimate culinary destination. Burlington itself is an excellent food getaway, but within the vibrant Vermont city lies a place unlike any other.

Let us introduce you to The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa. A resort where two of life’s greatest pleasures are savored to the utmost degree: cuisine and relaxation. To put it simply, The Essex is a resort committed to every aspect of cuisine culture, from the growth of organic produce to the art of cooking. Guests are invited to engage with the cuisine culture in as many ways as they desire, such as:

Learn to Cook

A little-known fact about The Essex is that it used to be just a cooking school, back in the day. Some of the original cooking lesson rooms are still used in the resort today and have held thousands of eager students over the decades. At The Cook Academy, you can learn the basics, such as how to make a hollandaise sauce or how to chop, to skills only expert chefs can teach.

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foodie getaway

Organic Garden

Fresh, organic ingredients are essential to every aspect of The Essex, which is why there is an organic garden on-site. Considering the resort has a few restaurants and a cooking school, the ingredient needs surpass that of the garden, so the resort also sources further ingredients from nearby purveyors. Vermont, in general, has a strong local farm culture, and most businesses in the state take pride in doing business with the local farms. During your stay feel free to request a tour of the garden, if you’re interested.

essex culinary resort

Culinary Dreams

Perhaps the most unique culinary culture feature of The Essex is the guest room decor. The rooms have been recently renovated, and feature a culinary-theme. The decor is inspired by the colors and textures of food, inspiring delicious food-focused dreams. Or so we imagine!

Eat… and Eat Some More

In between learning to cook, touring the garden, sleeping amidst culinary decor, you may realize it’s time for you to eat! For a more intimate, fine dining, experience, dine at Junction. The menu shifts and evolves year-round at Junction, with The Essex chefs exploring new flavors and utilizing what’s in season. If you’re in the mood for a laid-back feel, then dine at The Tavern, where the traditional pub fare will warm your spirit and delight your taste buds.

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All five senses will be infused with The Essex culinary culture during your stay, and it’s likely you’ll return with new cooking skills, favorite dishes, and inspiration to start a mini-garden of your own. We also predict you’ll leave the resort feeling utterly refreshed, especially if you spent some time at The Spa. From the moment you check-in to the moment you leave, your stay will be jam-packed with all things food. Truly, The Essex is the ultimate foodie getaway!


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