Eat, Listen, and Laugh Your Way Around Burlington, Vermont This Spring and Summer

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Vermont is just one of those states that has much more to it than meets the eye. Aside from the majestic Green mountains, sparkling Lake Champlain, cheese, beer, and maple syrup, it’s also a state of quirky people and engaging events.

Spring & Summer Not-To-Miss Events in Vermont

Vermonters take warm, sunny weather very seriously, and enjoy it to the absolute fullest. Now that spring has sprung, we are excitedly awaiting a fantastic lineup of events and festivals, to begin. For those looking for a more nature-focused off-the-beaten-track vacation getaway, Burlington, Vermont will do the trick exceptionally well. Come for the beer, stay for the events. Or, come for an event and stay for the beer? However you do it, here are some Burlington events to look forward to this spring and summer.

Discover Jazz Festival

June 1 – 10

By far Burlington’s largest annual event, the Discover Jazz Festival is a 10-day celebration featuring hundreds of Burlington clubs, restaurants, and other venues for incredible performances by regional and international jazz performers. Since the festival spans ten days, you’ve got plenty of chances to catch a show or two while you visit! Check out the schedule right here.

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Burlington Wine and Food Festival

June 23

According to many, the whole “farm to table” movement was started here in Burlington. Which is no surprise considering how culturally infused fresh food is around here. Enjoy the best of our food and wine scene at this one-day event. Each ticket includes all wine and food tastings for the entire day! To learn more and purchase tickets, visit here.

events in vermont

Vermont Brewers Festival

July 20 – 21

These days the title of Craft Beer Capital of America could be given to a variety of cities, and Burlington is certainly one of them. Don’t be dissuaded by the name of the festival; this is an event for all who love beer. Those who love to brew beer, drink beer, cook with beer, sell beer, or do anything else involving beer. It’s a chance to get to know Vermont even better through the various styles and tastes of its beer. Tickets and info here.

Lake Champlain Maritime Festival

July 26 – 29

For those who love all things maritime, this festival is for you! Stroll along the shores of Lake Champlain visiting each event, venue, and booth. You’ll be treated to all sorts of boats, including dragon boat demonstrations. The past, present, and future of Lake Champlain will be celebrated and commemorated. Local food will be for sale, live music, and plenty of hands-on exhibits to entertain the entire family. This event is free for all.

events in vermont


Festival of Fools

August 3 – 5

Not to be confused with the festival of “food,” the Festival of Fools is the most playful and entertaining festival of them all. Over the course of a few days more than 75 comedy, musical, and street performance shows will take place at various downtown Burlington venues. Be prepared to laugh, smile, and have an absurd amount of fun being and feeling foolish! Tickets and info here.

As you can see, there’s a festival for every person, age, and interest. Foodies, beer lovers, maritime fans, class clowns, and jazz enthusiasts are all welcome in Vermont over the next few months. As you ponder which festival to choose, pin down your luxury accommodations by booking a stay at The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa.

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