Add a Few Ingredients to Your Romantic Resume

cooking classes in vermont

We spend decades in school, learn new skill sets, and take on as many internships and jobs as possible, all to beef up our resumes. Acquiring a job can be competitive, and having a thorough resume helps one applicant stand out from another.

The Romantic Resume

This day in age, it isn’t JUST the career world that requires having a well-rounded resume, but also the online dating world. Unprecedented numbers of individuals find themselves browsing the many available dating websites and apps in search of a love interest.

Aside from a great looking photo, how might one stand out from the rest? The same way a job applicant stands out, by ones resume! Or in this case, the dating profile.

In your journey towards finding a soul mate, or even just a date, consider the many different ways you can enhance your dating resume. We don’t mean learning a new skill set just to impress your future dates, but instead, go out and learn how to do something new for you, for fun! Knowing that there will be the additional benefit adding it to your profile.

Have you always wanted to learn to rock climb? Does the idea of learning another language excite you? Or perhaps, you wish you were a whiz in the kitchen!

Now that’s a skill we can help you with, no problem. Here at The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa, we live to eat, cook and share in the joy of both of those things with our guests. Before being a resort, The Essex was just a cooking school, and has been in operation for decades!

Pop in for a cooking class and have a blast learning how to make homemade pasta, or chop as well as a professional chef. Next time you’re editing your dating profile, go ahead and add in “great cook.” Next time you invite a date over for a home-cooked meal, be prepared to earn major points with your mouth watering dinner.

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cooking classes in vermont

Cooking Classes in Vermont

Not sure where to begin? Let’s take a look at your options.

Vegetarian Cooking

It’s a little more than likely that a great many potential “matches” on the dating apps are going to be vegetarian. With all of the information circulating about the various eating methodologies, being vegetarian and vegan is becoming increasingly popular. Wow your future dates by whipping up a drool-worthy vegetarian meal no problem!

cooking classes in vermont

Italian Classic

Possibly the most popular cooking class at The Essex is the Italian Classic course. Italian food is the way to anyone’s heart if you ask us. Spend a few hours learning how to make Italian wedding soup, fresh pasta alla carbonara, chicken cacciatore, and zabaglione over fresh fruit.

Vermont Beer Makes it Better

Craft beer is not only useful for drinking but also cooking! Next time you have a date with a co-craft beer fan, you can wow them with your ale-steamed mussels, pan seared steak with Yorkshire porter demi-glace, fluff buttery potatoes, thyme roasted root vegetables, and chocolate cake. No, seriously, you will learn how to make ALL of that (with beer) in this class.

Whiskey Utopia

Or, perhaps you’re more of a whiskey drinker? No problem, we recommend signing up for the Whiskey Utopia class, where you will learn quite the smorgasbord. On your first post-class date night, you can look forward to cooking orange whiskey glazed salmon, savory polenta, roasted root veggies, and a double chocolate whiskey cake with drunk ganache.

These are just four examples, but there are many more classes to choose from, you can view the entire calendar right here. Aside from learning how to cook delicious fare, you’ll also acquire other handy skills such as chopping. It may not sound exciting, but trust us, when your date sees you slicing up veggies like a pro chef, he or she will be flabbergasted. And that’s before they’ve even tasted your cooking.

Of course, cooking is not the only skill that will help your romantic resume stand out, but after you’re on date three or four you can call and thank us!

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