Here’s How to Experience Vermont From Unusual Perspectives

fun activities in vermont

For being a rather small city in a less-densely populated state, Burlington, Vermont, has an incredible array of things to do, see, and experience. Each activity, sight, and experience offers an entirely different perspective of Vermont, sometimes even a different vantage point.

Fun Activities in Vermont – New Perspectives to Try

Not that we’re biased or anything, but we believe Burlington is the most well-rounded destination, offering everything from fine dining to extreme sports. From high in the sky to the bottom of a pint, the perspectives with which to experience Burlington are many, and we’ve got some of our favorites listed for you below!

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Above the Treetops

One of our all-time favorite vantage points of Burlington is from above. There may not be an array of skyscrapers, but there’s still a way to see the city and countryside from above – inside the basket of a hot air balloon! From up high in the sky, you’ll be able to see the expansive, abundant, natural beauty of Vermont. This activity is especially breathtaking in the fall, while the leaves are changing colors.

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From The Top of a Mountain

Much of Vermont is comprised of the beautiful Green Mountain range, and Burlington is near dozens of trails. Get a wonderful view of the Champlain Valley from the top of Mt. Philo, a brief two-mile climb to a grassy knoll. Once you reach the top, you can gaze out over the valley, Lake Champlain, and the Adirondack Mountain of New York.

fun activities in vermont

On Church Street

Perhaps most surprising to visitors is the rich culture and creativity on display in Burlington. Stroll along Church Street in downtown Burlington, and you’ll discover yet another perspective of the region. Art galleries, museums, trendy cafes, and more line Church Street.

Through a Pint Glass

For those genuinely committed to getting to know Burlington from every perspective, they will have to suffer through a pint of craft beer. We know, it’s quite the chore, taking a moment to slowly savor a locally sourced, expertly crafted beer. But it must be done. This is a perspective that is of profound importance around here. Figure out which brewery to drag yourself to, right here.

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Gliding Across Lake Champlain

By far, one of the most charming perspectives of Burlington is the one from atop Lake Champlain. The glittering lake borders Vermont, New York, and Canada, and seems quite large, although it is minuscule compared to the nearby great lakes! During spring and summer, we enjoy sailing across it, stand-up paddling in it, and bike riding around it. The views of Burlington from the lake aren’t too shabby, either.

fun activities in vermont

On a Farm

Most of Vermont is untamed nature, and that’s the way we like it! The few bits that are “tamed” include cities, such as Burlington, and farms. We are immensely fond of farms because most of them are small, locally owned and run, and produce all sorts of delicious goodies. Farm to table is a way of life in Vermont, and once you visit, you’ll see that nearly all restaurants in Burlington feature locally-sourced fare. You have the unique opportunity to go to the source itself by visiting one of the farms.

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Are these the only unique perspectives of Burlington and its surrounded area? Nope. There are hundreds of different lenses to view our funky city through. Once you visit, you’ll get a taste for the variety of ways to interact with and experience Vermont.You can’t go wrong, and if you don’t know where to start, start with your passions and interests.

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