Get As Much Relaxation Out of Your Spa Experience as Possible, Here’s How

how to spa

When we picture ultimate relaxation, images of fluffy white robes, massage tables, and face masks may come to mind. Getting pampered at a spa has long been a favorite way to relax and rejuvenate.

So frequently, though, even our spa treatments turn into rushed chaos like many other areas of our lives, right? Seriously, we may take the time to find a recommended massage therapist and book an appointment, just to rush to get to it and have to leave immediately after. Being in a state of rush will make trying to relax over the course of an hour much more challenging, and will leave us feeling distracted.

Here Are Our “How to Spa” Tips

Was the treatment worth it? Certainly, but could we have gotten more out of it? Absolutely! Life is always going to be busy, but it’s crucial we take time to slow down and relax every now and again. Next time you’re ready to plan a spa treatment, here are some tips to consider:

If Possible, Clear Your Schedule After Your Treatment

Rather than squeezing in a massage or facial in an already-packed day, save it for a day when you can keep on relaxing afterward. Maybe a Friday afternoon after a half-day of work, or a weekend day on a less-busy weekend.

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Schedule Yourself a Few Hours of Me Time Afterward

Not only is it best for you to have relatively little to do after your massage, but perhaps you could plan to use your free time as “me time.” Meaning, maybe a slow walk through a park afterward. Or going and seeing a movie by yourself. It could be as simple as heading home, lighting some candles, playing some chill music, and taking a nice long bath or shower.

how to spa

Plan to Eat Well in Advance

Getting a massage while either being hungry or too full will distract from the experience. Being hungry will make you feel irritated, and being full will be highly uncomfortable. Depending on how quickly your body digests, we recommend eating two-three hours ahead of time! Have a snack handy to eat afterward if you predict that you’ll be starving by then!

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Better Yet, Plan a Spa Weekend

Ok, so trying to fit in a mini spa sesh in your daily life may be challenging. It’s possible that you’ll have more relaxation success by planning an entire spa weekend. This isn’t to say you need to be getting treatments done all weekend long, but going away for a night or two, to a hotel or resort with a spa, will be magnificent.

how to spa

  • Keep it simple, no need to search hundreds of spas, limit yourself to a region or your own city, or to a city you wish to visit.
  • Plan it with a significant other, friend, or just go alone! If you know you enjoy having a companion, then having a companion will be part of your relaxation. On the flip side, if you’re comfortable and contented by yourself, you may enjoy the experience better alone.
  • Come prepared, bring extra relaxation supplies. Have a book, if you like to read, your favorite teas, little snacks you love, your favorite pillow, or anything else that will enhance your overall experience. Your hotel of choice will be incredible, but having a few home comforts will ensure you’re able to truly let go!
  • Take advantage of the other spa offerings! Most spas will have a steam room, a sauna, a jacuzzi, and other complimentary amenities for your enjoyment. Use them!

Before, after, and in between treatments, take advantage of your spa-cation! Opt for room service in the mornings, move as slowly as you’d like to, dine at the hotel’s fancier restaurant, stroll through the lobby, have a glass of wine. Simply being at the hotel, doing whatever you feel like, will be immensely rejuvenating within itself.

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