5 Ways You Can Pamper Your Guy This Valentine’s Day

girls guide to valentines day

When it comes to the holiday of love, it’s the females that get all of the attention, usually. This Valentine’s Day, we are suggesting something preposterous, spoiling the males! Easier said than done, though, right?

Gift giving opportunities are generally focused on women because more often than not, women are a bit easier to give to. Gifts, experiences, food, love notes, nearly any act of love goes over well with women.

As it turns out, we can apply those same ideas to men also. It may be more challenging to discern, but there are gifts, experiences, food, and more that most guys will be thrilled about receiving.

If you’re in Valentine’s Day planning rut, here are some ideas we’ve cooked up so you can spoil your man this year!

A Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Gift Your Man His Drink of Choice

Has your sweetheart been developing a taste for whiskey? Or is he more of a craft beer kind of guy? There are a lot of really fun ways to spoil him with alcohol!

  • Beer Guys – Plan out a craft brewery tour! Plan a day of beer tasting and munching on delicious, fried brewery food. He will be in heaven!
  • Whiskey Guys – Visit a distillery OR help me start cultivating his home bar with a box of whiskeys from Bitters & Bottles.
  • Wine Guys – Find a local wine shop and see if they do tastings. Many of the more upscale wine shops usually have tastings, sometimes paired with charcuterie! Make it a fun tasting date, accompanied by a bottle or two to take home of his favorites!

girls guide to valentines day

Plan to Learn Together

What activities is your sweetheart really into? Does he love CrossFit? Is he a whiz in the kitchen? Is he obsessed with comic books? Whatever his main interests are, we bet you can find a way to gift him a related experience. For the cooks, sign up for a cooking class together, where he can learn even more skills. For the fitness junkie, sign the two of you up for a local handstanding workshop, or visit a different gym and try it out together. If he’s super into comics, see if you can find a comic meetup or comic book seminar at the local University!

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Take Him to a Comedy Show

Does your man like to laugh? We’re guessing you both do, and few experiences are quite as memorable as laughing together! What many people don’t know is that comedy clubs are secretly the perfect date night (if the comedian is funny). Why? Well, for starters the clubs are often set up romantically with candlelit tables and in close quarters. Plus, it’s this odd comedy club rule where every guest has to purchase two items. So, you will both, for sure, either be eating or drinking or both. Dinner, drinks, and a show! Trust us; it’s tons of fun! Check this one out.

Gift Him an Unforgettable Adventure

Is your sweetheart attracted to adrenaline-infused situations? Has he always wanted to ride an ATV or go skydiving? Spoil him with the gift of an adventure! There are so many to choose from; you can narrow it down by deciding if you want to celebrate now, or in a warmer season. If you want to enjoy the gift sooner, then opt for a winter-related activity like snowboarding or snowmobiling. For later, consider ATV, dirt bike ride, skydiving, or riding in a hot air balloon.


girls guide to valentines day

Give Him His Favorite Gift, You!

Let’s be real; if we were to poll a group of men on what they want for Valentine’s Day, we know what most will say! If you truly want to spoil your man, consider planning a weekend getaway, just the two of you. Quality time together is always important, and staying away from home in a cozy hotel will be so relaxing!

Often, the way to a man’s heart is fairly simple. Great food, tasty drinks, fun experiences… there are so many ways you can surprise and pamper your guy this Valentine’s Day! Just take note of what he enjoys and plan a date, gift, or experience around one or more of what he already loves! And remember, YOU are the thing he wants most, which he already has! So no matter what you do, from a sweet love note to falling through the sky together, he’s already a happy man!

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