Escape For 36 Hours to The Charming and Enthralling Town of Burlington, Vermont

what to do in burlington

Life becomes infinitesimally more enjoyable when we give ourselves trips to look forward to. Every so often, it’s nice to get away. Sure, it isn’t always possible to get away far or for very long, but a weekend trip is usually just the thing.

In a country as massive at the U.S., we need never suffer from a shortage of new cities to explore for a day or two. So, where are you? Where do you live? Where can you visit within a quick drive, flight, or train ride?

What To Do In Burlington

Hopefully, Vermont falls on your list because 1. Vermont is unique and entirely different than most other places 2. Burlington is an incredible city worth exploring. The average person usually knows very little about Vermont aside from its cold winters, the insane amount of snow, and that the locals love maple syrup. While all of those things are usually true, there’s so much more to Vermont, and the city of Burlington is a great place to experience it all first hand!

Plan a weekend rendezvous to Burlington for a well-deserved refresh. We’ve got you covered with an itinerary full of fun, and we recommend finding your headquarters at The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa.

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Burlington, Vermont 36 Hour Itinerary


If possible, take a half day on Friday so you can have a bit more time for fun! Depending on how long it takes you to arrive on Friday, you may still have time to explore and enjoy. Kick off your arrival with a stop into Foam Brewers, one of Burlington’s best breweries. Side note, Vermont is quickly becoming a craft beer haven, so if you’re fond of the brews, this is definitely the state for you!

After a few tastes at Foam, you’ll be ready for some dinner. Satiate your palate with a delectable visit to Hen of The Wood. Post dinner, how about a show? Laugh your tuckus off at Vermont Comedy Club!

what to do in burlington


Wake up slow, enjoy your cozy and luxurious accommodations at The Essex. You might decide to spend most of the day at The Essex, taking a cooking class, visiting the spa, or walking around the lovely manicured grounds. If you’re itching for more Burlington time, here’s what we recommend:

  • Morning – Sneakers Bistro – Kahlua dipped french toast is calling your name here! Breakfast at Sneakers is served ALL day, and it’s beyond delicious!
  • Early Afternoon – Rendezvous in Shelburne – Near Burlington is a quaint area called Shelburne with even more to explore! Visit the Shelburne Farms, and Shelburne Museum, pick up a picnic lunch at Harrington’s and hike two miles up Mount Philo for incredible views of Lake Champlain while you eat!
  • 3 p.m. –  Afternoon Stroll Down Church Street – Back to Burlington now, for a delightful stroll along the pedestrian-only Church Street Marketplace, one of the nations most impressive Farmer’s Markets!
  • 5 p.m. – Drinks at Monarch & Milkweed, one of Burlington’s favorite adult hangouts. Try a Milk Punch or a Negroni Popper.
  • Dinner time – Now it’s time for you try to try the best of what’s grown in Vermont! Head to American Flatbread for pizza unlike any other! Organic, Vermont-grown ingredients top thin, crispy crusts with no red sauce in sight.

what to do in burlington


Once again, wake up slow if you’d like too, enjoy every last moment of your final hours in Burlington! Once you’re ready for the day, head to Penny Cluse for a delicious brunch. A brunch so famous even Vice President Joe Biden had indulged! Work off a full tummy with a scenic bike ride along the iconic Burlington Bike Path. Stretching around eight miles along the Lake Champlain waterfront, the bike path is the heart of Burlington’s outdoor scene.

Vermont is a state of nature, beer, food, and experience loving people. You truly cannot go wrong here, everywhere you go you’ll meet friendly people and have incredible experiences! We hope you’re able to plan a weekend escape soon and leave feeling refreshed and pleased.

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