Step Away From The Oven! 6 Reasons to Let Someone Else Cook Your Holiday Meal

best holiday meal ideas

Given some serious thought, the idea of planning, cooking, cleaning, and hosting a holiday meal at home might sound a tad exhausting. Of course, it’s wonderful to be surrounded by friends and family during the holidays, but that doesn’t mean that you have to cook every single year. This could be your year off, because, believe it or not, there are alternatives!

The Best Holiday Meal Ideas are Cooked By Pros

With an array of elegant hotels and restaurants beautifully decorated and equipped with a talented chef, there are endless holiday meal options. Where might these options be? In your very own city and cities around the country! Not convinced you should hang up your apron or throw the proverbial dish towel in, this year? Take a moment to nosh on these reasons why letting someone else cook your holiday meal will be beneficial for you!

When You’re Not Hosting, You Get More Time to Interact

best holiday meal ideas

For all the holiday meal hosts, cooks, and planners consider this – with the time saved by not doing that, you’ll get to enjoy more time with your precious loved ones! It can be challenging to catch up with friends and family while preoccupied with basting the turkey or frantically looking for the extra place settings. Kick back, relax, be served, and have plenty of time to share stories and hugs.

Savor the Flavors

Another common occurrence for the holiday hosts is that they don’t always get to savor the delicious food and drinks. Sound familiar? What are you usually doing instead? Cooking, cleaning, organizing, and possibly fretting, right? Give yourself the gift of time to savor every delicious bite, sip, and moment!

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No Cleanup Necessary

A holiday kitchen can be a scary place. The mess isn’t just from cooking; there’s also the half-empty bottles of wine to sort out, leftovers to wrap, deserts to distribute, and more. Plus, someone has to carry all the extra chairs and furniture pieces back to the garage. When someone else cooks, especially at a hotel or restaurant, you haven’t a thing to do. Except enjoy.

A Chance to Try New Cuisines

best holiday meal ideas

Are you feeling the holiday-meal rut conundrum? Though traditions are heart-warming, sometimes we crave something new or out of the ordinary. Most hotel or restaurant holiday meals will include the classic dishes, alongside other offerings, or modern twists and chef-inspired creations. Who knows, you may taste a dish that you can’t wait to add to your home-cooked meal, next year.

Breaking From Tradition Can be Refreshing

Traditions are beautiful; they give us memories to cherish and events to look forward to. When it comes to the holidays, though, the demands on upholding traditions can feel overwhelming for some, even unenjoyable. Deciding to change up the holiday meal for a year may be what you, and your family, needs. It’s a chance to have fun and create memories together in a new setting, and to reflect on which family traditions bring joy and which just cause stress.

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Because You Deserve to be Pampered

Last, but not least, consider allowing someone else to cook your holiday meal so you can be pampered for once. If you’re the usual host or hostess, the family’s go-to chef extraordinaire, or planning guru, you may be in need of a year off to be pampered instead. Image this – gathering the family, heading out to an elegant hotel, dining on delicious cuisine, sipping on any drink of choice, and getting cozy without having had to decorate or worry about cleaning. Sounds lovely, right?

Chances are, there’s one or more beautiful hotels that would fit this image quite well, in your hometown. If not, or if you merely wish to get away a bit further, consider booking your holiday meal at The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa. Not only is The Essex elegant, charming, and aesthetically pleasing, but its entire theme is based on cuisine. The Essex has topnotch chefs, a cooking school, and cuisine-inspired decor in the guestrooms. Few places will offer as delectable a holiday menu as The Essex, with the bonus of a Vermont winter wonderland.

Whether you choose to join us for the holidays or enjoy your home gathering, we wish you the merriest of times!


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