Popping the Question this Holiday Season? Here are 5 Creative Ways to Do It

creative proposal ideas

Why do we adore the holiday season so much? For most of us, it’s because of love. Sure, we can love one another and share in the joy of relationships all year round, but during the holiday season, we get a chance to prioritize it. Families make commitments to see each other, get-togethers are arranged, and a great effort is put forth to all be together. It is precisely that celebration of love, family, and commitment that sets the tone for a season of proposals!

5 Creative Proposal Ideas for the Holiday Season

More proposals occur during the holiday season than any other time of year. With numerous occasions to celebrate, gift giving opportunities, magical decor, and the ever-romantic snowfall, there are limitless ways to ask for forever. If you’re preparing to pop the question to your significant other, let us help inspire you with these creative ideas:

Ornamental Love

If you and your sweetheart are fond of ornaments and collecting them, then consider proposing via an ornament! Have the ring be the only ornament on the tree, easily standing out and catching the attention of your sweetheart. Another option is to enclose the ring within an ornament, and then draw his or her attention to it somehow. Either way, if the two of you enjoy ornaments and tree decorating this will be an extraordinary way to propose!

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Surprise Adornment

Is it tradition for you to give your sweetheart a necklace each holiday season? Surprise your sweetheart this year with a locket – large enough to hold an engagement ring. Gift the locket with a prompt to open it up, and when she does, well, you know the rest! This is a great way to propose in private or surrounded by your dearest loved ones.

creative proposal ideas

Love in The Air, Literally

For the couples who enjoy skiing and snowboarding together, we’ve got just the idea. Book a getaway to a romantic ski resort, spend a day on the slopes, and at sunset, or whenever you choose, propose on the ski lift! You can even arrange to have a friend, or hired photographer, on the seat in front of you two, to photograph the entire thing! The run back down the mountain will be the most memorable of all time.

365 Days of Preparation

This idea will need an entire year, so if you love it, start planning now! In preparation for proposing on next year’s New Year’s Eve or Day, take a photo every day for a year with an inconspicuous sign reading “will you marry me” behind your sweetheart (but make sure they NEVER see it!) in the photo. These photos can be candid, or some even planned, so long as he or she can’t see the sign. Gather the photos in a collage or make a video, and then finally, on the dawn of the New Year, pop the question!

creative proposal ideas

Light Up The Night

Few things immediately evoke magic better than holiday lights. This year take your holiday lights and magic to the next level by writing out “will you marry me” in holiday lights. Keep them unplugged until the moment is right, then ask your significant other to plug in the lights and voila!

‘Tis the season of love, and there’s truly no perfect way to propose; however you choose to propose will be magnificent! Your love will be swept off his or her feet by the mere sight of you with a ring asking for forever.

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