6 Reasons You Can’t Deny the Magic of a Winter Wedding

winter wedding in vermont

Spring, summer, and early fall usually get all the attention when it comes to having a wedding, but what about winter? Out of all four months, winter is easily the most overlooked season to say “I Do,” but it shouldn’t be! Many of the major wedding planning and execution woes can be easily avoided by having a winter wedding, yet most couples-to-be don’t realize it!

Winter Wedding in Vermont? Yes! Here’s Why

winter wedding in vermontAs we head into the peak season for getting engaged, the time is perfect to consider the benefits of a winter wedding. To find out just what those benefits are straight from an expert, we asked Shana Farer-Feld, the Senior Wedding Sales Manager of the gorgeous wedding venue at The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa. According to Shana, the top six reasons to have a winter wedding are as follows:

1. Off Season Dates Mean Off-Season Rates

While some facilities, especially in Vermont are ski in / ski out and rely on the winter months to fuel their hotel or resort, many spaces consider November-March to be off-peak. For that reason, site fees for venues, hotel accommodations, and even the wedding vendors may offer significant discounts for dates that would otherwise remain vacant.  For example, a peak Saturday would have a site fee of $7,500 at our beautiful property, The Ponds at Bolton Valley. If you were to brave the cold on a Saturday during the winter, that price drops down to $4,000. The same tables, chairs, linen, and wares are all included in the fee; the value is immense.

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2. Venue Savings Will Increase Vendor Budget

The savings from the reduced site fee are often enough to pay for an entire vendor!  With the saved $3,500, for example, an amazing florist, a talented DJ and ceremony Musician, or perhaps even a photographer can be hired for the special day.

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3. Guests Can Enjoy a Winter Wonderland

Vermont, while known for its lush Green Mountains, is also famous for incredible winter sport conditions. Guests that come to celebrate the wedding weekend can stay a little longer and enjoy all of the fantastic skiing, snowshoeing, cross country and snowboarding that Vermont has to offer. Suddenly a wedding weekend becomes a play-cation!

winter wedding in vermont4. Winter Wedding Photos are Spectacular

The essence of winter combined with the romance of a wedding results in the wedding photos of every bride and grooms dream. Hand knit scarves, cute boot photos, matching sweaters for the bridal party – there are so many adorable detail options during the winter months.

5. Pick and Date and Get to Have it, Too

Availability, availability, availability! On a given day, wedding sales managers may see 20 requests come in for the same few Saturdays: peak fall foliage, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and 4th of July weekend, to name a few. It can be devastating for couples to have their hearts set on a particular date to then have it become unavailable from someone signing a contract, mere days before them. Imagine, easily securing any date you desire. Winter is a long season in Vermont leaving plenty of wonderful options and fewer couples in need of the same dates.

6. Delectable Cuisine Options!

winter wedding in vermontComfort food, hot beverage bars, and bonfires, OH MY!  What is better than a pre or post-ceremony hot cocoa with mini marshmallows, dinner of braised short ribs with a side of smoked gouda mac and cheese, and a perfectly roasted (or maybe charred) S’more by an onsite bonfire pit? Perhaps nothing.

Truly, it’s incredible that more couples don’t opt for a winter wedding as the benefits far outweigh any potential cons! Plus, after saving all that money (and potential stress), the newlyweds typically have more money to spend on their honeymoon – somewhere tropical!

If a Vermont winter wedding sounds like your cup of hot chocolate, take a look at the gorgeous venue Shana is in charge of and who knows – perhaps you’ll be saying “I Do” in beautiful Vermont at the luxurious Essex!

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