Spooky Adventures. Explore Haunted Places Throughout Vermont

haunted vermont

Few other months out of the year set the stage for paranormal activity and interests quite like October. If ghost stories, haunted buildings, and an overall spooky vibe pique your interest, then it might be time to visit Vermont.

Ghost stories and haunted houses are found nearly anywhere, but there will always be certain destinations that feature a dense amount of paranormal activity. Vermont is one such place. Though it isn’t the largest of states, it boasts quite the buffet of haunted places. In honor of the Halloween season, we’ve compiled a quick list of some of the spookiest and creepiest haunted places in Vermont.

Here’s Your Haunted Vermont

University of Vermont, Burlington

haunted vermont

Converse Hall | Source: Wikimedia

By day Burlington is a charming town filled with wonderful people, food, and experiences. By night, over at the University, the ghosts and poltergeists are numerous. Established in 1791, The University of Vermont has acquired many homes and buildings over the years that have become part of campus. The Counseling Centre houses the ghost of John Nabb. The Public Relations building is haunted by John E Booth. The Bittersweet House is known for its full body apparitions. The Converse Residence Hall is home to a poltergeist – a once med-student who committed suicide in 1920. More details here.

Lake Bomoseen, West Castleton

A creepy ghostly rowboat making its way across a lake with zero ripples in the water and no one in it… this is what many people have reported seeing at Lake Bomoseen. The town of West Castleton was abandoned in the 1930s, but before that, it was home to mills and quarries manned by immigrants from Italy, Ireland, and Eastern Europe. The haunted rowboat is supposedly from a time when a group of men rowed from West Castleton to the tavern and were never seen again.  

haunted vermont

Dutton House | Source: Wikimedia

Shelburne Museum, Shelburne

New England, in general, is more haunted place than other parts of the U.S. by the mere fact that it has been inhabited by large groups of people for longer. The Shelburne Museum is a property that expands 45 acres and is comprised of 39 historic buildings, most of which were relocated from their original locations. This is said to be one of the most haunted places in Vermont. The Dutton House, built in 1782, is a paranormal activity hub. Over the years, museum employees have reported many strange things, including seeing apparitions of an old man and hearing a child crying in the shadows.

American Flatbread Restaurant, Burlington

A popular restaurant in Burlington, American Flatbread used to be Carburs Restaurant, which was a famous haunted place. Apparently, the first two years of the location being American Flatbread were filled with many creepy experiences. Mysteriously locked doors, dishwashers that turned themselves on, a wreath that flew across the room, and many more strange and creepy occurrences. Learn more about it here.

Emily’s Bridge, Stowe

haunted vermont

Emily’s Bridge | Source: EmilysBridge.com

The town of Stowe is home to Gold Brook Bridge, but most people know it as Emily’s Bridge. It is said that a young woman named Emily was brokenhearted, why exactly is unclear with various stories circling. Some stories claim she was jilted by her lover. How she died is also unclear, some stories say she drove her carriage off the rocky bank, another says she hung herself from the rafters. Paranormal activity accounts include scratch marks on cars, the feeling of being scratched or grabbed, and sounds of footsteps, ropes, and screams.

Feeling creeped out yet? Visit Vermont and check out all of these sites, and more, for yourself. For a unique, thrilling, and festive paranormal experience, take a ghost tour! One of the most famous ghost tours in the state takes place in Burlington. Every single tour is led by Thea Lewis, known as Vermont’s Queen of Halloween. She has authored multiple books on the paranormal, and is very knowledgeable about Vermont’s haunted places. You can learn more and book a tour here.

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