Take Theses Culinary, Team-Building, and Health-Focused Cues For Your Next Meeting Event

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Lengthy speeches, cheesy team-building activities, and less than impressive (or nutritious) food. This type of meeting event is the stuff of nightmares; if people were given a choice between attending that meeting event or sitting through a three-hour toddler ballet recital, well we’d guess the recital might be more attractive.

Have you had to attend, or even execute, a less-than-stimulating meeting event? Did it make you wonder if there’s a better way?

There certainly is a better way! Offsite meetings should be engaging, fun, and full of chances to bring the team closer together. For that to happen, though, the event needs to be well-executed, dynamic, and interesting. Between the availability of excellent technological tools and convenient and affordable travel, there’s no reason these days why every meeting event can’t be epic!

Plus, there are more fully-equipped meeting venues than ever before, some of which can help take a meeting event to the next level. One such place is The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa.  At The Essex, meeting events are done differently. No trust falls and no crummy food.

Meetings at The Essex

Whether you are a meeting planner in need of some new ideas, or a team member who wishes to make an impact on the next group meeting event, find inspiration from the following examples of how The Essex executes meetings.

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Energizing Breaks

meetings at the essexThroughout the day, it’s imperative that attendees are given a chance to hit the refresh button. To best concentrate and soak in new information, the prefrontal cortex of the brain needs a break. Not just any break, not donuts and more sitting around. An energizing and relaxing break. At The Essex, meeting groups have the option to take an Energizing Break, in which The Essex team provides healthy, and energizing, smoothies, along with chair massages!

Culinary Infusion

Food is fuel, and few places understand the important, and fun, role food can play in a meeting event than The Essex does. Since The Essex is a culinary resort, it already features a cooking school and multiple award-winning restaurants. In addition to all of that, culinary team building is offered as well.

Culinary team building? Not a common offering at most meeting venues, but it’s a truly fantastic way to engage the team and have fun together. Each of the culinary team-building exercises is low-stress, hands-on, and are ideal out-of-your-chair breaks. The following are some of the options, each catering to a different size group:

  • Iron Chef Challenges for 16-40 people  
  • Cooking for a Cause for 2-20 people  
  • Cooking classes for 2-12 people  
  • Semi-hands on cooking classes for 2-50 people  
  • Cooking demonstrations for 2-200 people

Every single one of the culinary team building exercises will have every laughing, feeling refreshed, and full of positivity for the entire event.

Unique Team Building

meetings at the essexAside from the culinary team building options, the team at The Essex are well-aware of the importance of team-building in general. What often occurs at meeting events or corporate conferences, are cheesy icebreakers or groan-inducing two truths and lie type of team building exercises. Sometimes you need an off-site adventure to give the team something to bond over. Two off-site team building adventures The Essex organizes are:

  • Escape Room 60: Escape Room 60 is Vermont’s newest recreation, team building, and gaming attraction. The premise is simple. Enter a themed room brimming with concealed clues and hidden puzzles. Work together with a small group of friends, co-workers and even complete strangers to crack codes and solve the mysteries of the room. But hurry, you only have 60 minutes!
  • Northern Lights Rock & Ice: Northern Lights Rock and Ice is unique and exciting outdoor adventure facility unlike anything else in the North East. Open year round for reservations, their Team Development Services include outdoor rock and ice climbing walls, an Entre Prises Rock Climbing Pinnacle, dual 450 ft zip wires, and a unique multi-level Odyssey style, universally accessible team Challenge Course. The staff has over 40 years of combined experience in leading team development programs, leadership training, and recreational adventures.

Natural Lighting

meetings at the essexNeuroscience is taking the corporate world by storm, and some of its latest findings include the importance of natural light. Studies have discovered that well-illuminated rooms featuring natural elements, such as daylight, can improve creativity and learning – the two things most important in a meeting event!

Every single meeting space at The Essex offers natural lighting! The most incredible meeting space is the Atrium, which is unparalleled in Vermont. The Atrium features wall-to-wall windows that overlook the lawn. Plus, the room is flexible with the ability to seamlessly move from indoors to outdoors for team-building, breaks, meals, or reception.

To summarize, it may be more important than ever before to bring the team together, in person, to learn, motivate, and create together. Most meeting events are still less-than-stimulating. The Essex is paving the way for dynamic and engaging meeting events to take place. Learn from The Essex, or even book your next meeting event at The Essex! Either way, help your next meeting event blow all the others out of the water!

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