8 Reasons The Burlington Farmer’s Market in Vermont is The King of Them All

Burlington Farmers Market

Freshly baked bread, farm fresh cheeses, and handmade goods are just three reasons why farmer’s markets are such enjoyable events.

Perhaps it also has to do with the fact that gathering the community together to buy and sell goods has been the way of communities for centuries past, it’s a tradition, a cultural event. Before the age of technology and the instant ability to communicate, farmers market’s were the place to socialize, catch up on community happenings and gossip. Though we longer need farmers market’s to catch up on the news, we need them for a very crucial reason!

In an age where it’s easier to buy produce and goods that have traveled thousands of miles than it is to buy freshly baked bread from ten miles away, farmers market’s are more important than ever. They provide the opportunity to purchase local goods and support local farmers and artisans.

Why Burlington Farmer’s Market is a Must-Visit

Yet, not all farmers market’s were created equal. There is one farmer’s market that outshines them all and is well worth a trip just to experience it! Which farmers market might that be? Why the Burlington Farmer’s Market of course! Happening every Saturday from late spring through early autumn in Burlington, Vermont, the Burlington Farmer’s Market is the creme de la creme of farmers markets, and this is why:

Burlington Farmers Market

Church Street Marketplace | Flickr

1. It’s Been Around The Block

Part of what makes a farmers market great is time and experience, which is exactly what the Burlington Farmer’s Market has. Born in 1980, the Burlington Farmer’s Market has been going and “growing” strong these past 37 years.

2. The Market Features More Than 60 Vendors

The challenge with many farmers markets is that they are too small and feature too few vendors. Thankfully, this isn’t the case at the Burlington Farmer’s Market! More than 60 vendors can be found any given Saturday displaying their delightful goods.

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3. The Ethnic Variety

Not only will you find plenty of Vermont-made goods and foods, but you will also be able to peruse stands offering goods and foods from all across the globe. Try freshly cooked dishes from Nepal, Jamaica, Mexico, China, Morocco, and Tibet to name a few!

burlington farmers market

Burlington Farmer’s Market | Facebook

4. Live Music Fun

The Burlington Farmer’s Market is more than just a market – it’s an entire sensory experience. The smells of fresh foods entice the nose, beautifully made goods delight the eyes, and the sounds of live music please the ears!


5. Excellent Way to Get a Taste of Vermont

If you’re visiting Vermont from out of town, there’s no better way to get a comprehensive taste of Vermont than at the Burlington Farmer’s Market! All things Vermont can be found here, especially craft brews and maple syrup!


6. Great Way to Meet Your Neighbors and Fellow Statesmen

If you already live in Vermont, the Burlington Farmer’s Market is the ideal place to get out and make new friends! Learn where your food comes from, about where the local goods are made, and get to know your community even better.

7. It Still Happens in the Wintertime!

burlington farmer's market

Burlington Farmer’s Market | Facebook

Starting in 2008, the farmers market expanded to happen all year-round, except in the winter months it happens indoors. So no matter the weather or season, Vermonters and visitors can get their farmers market fix indoors at the University of Vermont’s Dudley H. Davis Center.

8. The Market Makes For an Excellent Date!

Whether you already live near the market, or you’re heading to Burlington for a getaway, the farmers market is the perfect place to go on a date. Stroll hand in hand through the rows of vendors, admire the handmade goods, taste unique foods, purchase decorative items for your home, or even buy fresh produce to cook a romantic meal later on!

We could go on forever about why the Burlington Farmer’s Market is magnificent! We hope you get the chance to enjoy it for yourselves someday soon. Remember – it happens on Saturdays only! If you’re planning a Vermont getaway, we highly recommend planning a trip to the market during your stay.

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